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Here is my May BOTM entry for your consideration.

This is my 2021 Road Glide Special 114 Stage 2. By far my favorite aspects of this bike is the power and sound produced by the SE stage 2 to go along with the blacked out look.

Hopefully a few long trips in store for the year bit at minimum it'll be making the 12 hour trip to Vegas soon!

Modifications include;
  • Stage 2 with HD torque cam, HD elite breather, SE tuner, and Tab 4.5" BAM sticks
  • SE 114 Stage 2 badging
  • RF Stage 2 audio in fairing and saddlebag lids
  • 7 PIN headset wired through left fairing compartment for SENA Freewire/CarPlay
  • LED front/rear turn signal lamps
  • Stock seat custom fit by Mean City Cycles
  • Front CVO style spoiler
  • Memphis shades hand guards
  • Klock Werks 14" Windshield
  • Cargo rack and Sissy bar
  • Softbrake extended/lowered brake pedal
  • Saddlebag guards
  • Front highway pegs
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