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So... one of the things that has been driving me nuts on my black bike is all the swirl marks and spots that something has rubbed against the paint....

I took a leap of faith and bought this thing at Walmart thinking if I didn't like it I could take it back... it was pretty pricey... $56.00
I bought the DA system and the Polishing compound.

Turns out... it works AMAZING in my book. Hands down I was thoroughly impressed after the first try.
It completely removed any swirl marks and it even removed the "buff" spots where my seat rubbed against my tank and side covers.

Attached is a pic where the tank and seat meet.... the far side I used to DA on and it completely removed the "buff" marks. The near side you can clearly see them.

I haven't had a chance to wax the bike with it yet, but I'm telling ya that my black paint looks brand frigging new.

Its pricey... and i suspect a orbital buffer will work just as well... but the size of this makes it absolutely perfect.
No way in hell I'm taking it back now... its a keeper for me...



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