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MGS review

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Well im back on the road after my accident on july 12, two months to the date rolling again, put on a pair of MGS slip ons on my fullsac pipe and all I have to say is wow, at first I wasn't sure about the sound, being that I just removed Rinehart 4 inch mufflers, but after a good 100 miles the sound def changed ,don't know if anyone has noticed this but they got better, also my new progressive mono-tubes and my rear HD premium shocks made the ride a whole different bike. I like the fit and finish of the MGS and when I spoke to mike when I ordered them he seemed like a cool dude to deal with, I highly recommend them. if you want quiet stick to screamin eagle mufflers IMO.:grin:
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I just removed my MGS from my 120R and replaced with D&D Boarzilla. Gonna have it dyno tuned soon. Will post number difference when done. I really liked the MGS but was curious to see how much power difference there is.
Which baffles did you guys get? I have the loud ones.
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