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I bought this Tour Pak a couple of years ago and I have only used it twice. It's time for it to go to a new owner who will enjoy it.

Here's what I've got for sale:
  • Factory painted Classic Tour Pak in Mirage Orange (79224-09BNR, $749.95)
  • Harley Davidson Detachable Two-Up Tour Pak Mounting Rack (2009-2013), Powder Coated in Mirage Orange Pearl to match (53276-09A, $194.95)
  • Harley Davidson Tour Pak Side Marker Light Kit (69494-06, $119.95)
  • Harley Davidson Chopped Tour Pak Smooth Backrest Pad (52898-98A, $169.95)
  • Ride Time Technology Multi-Function Light Bar (RTFX-146, $91.95)
  • Ride Tike Technology Easy Connect Y Wiring Harness (RTQ-2SPI, $47.90)
  • Saddleman Tour Pak Luggage Bag
The Tour Pak is in like new condition. It's like it just came out of the box from the factory.

The Ride Time Technology Light Bar is currently setup a Brake only and it's super bright and it’s actually a 3-segment light (all red) that can be wired up as run-brake-turn if you like.

The price to purchase today is over $1,375.

Make it yours for $899, shipped to you in the CUS.

Thanks for looking and let me know if you have any questions.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts