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Interesting question

I will be interested in the feedback you get on this HDTWINCAM. I have only run the stage I filter on my other bike, and this one is bone stock other than the SE Nightstick on it, so there will be some changes coming my way as well. I am also curious about your oil coming from the air cleaner. With my limited technical experience the only time I have had an issue with that is when the shop did an oil change and filled it with too much oil. I didn't know it happened until I had oil spewing out of my air filter and spraying over the inside of my chaps, and down the side of the bike. To make it even more fun, when I discovered it, I was about 100 miles from home. Gotta love that. The long and the short of it was, the tech over filled the crank case, and the oil had to go somewhere and took that path of least resistance, out through the air filter... No damage to the bike, but I had synthetic oil everywhere. It wasn't a lot of fun to clean up. Anyway good luck with the thread...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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