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Mounting bar accessories w/o the use of brackets

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I use a GPS while on roadtrips but dont want clutter on my bars in the way of brackets when its not in use. I installed a nut-cert in the bottom of my bar that I use on my modified GPS mount.
Heres a nut-cert and gun. It works like a pop-rivet gun with the use of compression to flare the nut-cert.

Heres my modified GPS mount. Its the original suction cup mount, minus suction cup, and a hole drilled for the thumb screw to attach it to the bars.

Bottom of the bars, with the nut-cert installed.
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Mount installed.

GPS mounted. Wire is tucked in the instrument/fork cover when not in use, and wired into the acc. plug from the inside of the fairing.

When not in use.
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Very slick idea and excellent execution. How's the vibration of the unit when at idle, and underway?
May sound hard to believe but I dont have any vibration. The bars are very heavy, so this may add to the stability.
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