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Sold! Sold! Sold!

Mustang Solo seat with Backrest, Fender Bib, and Chrome mounting Studs. The seat, backrest, and fender bib all have "Black Studs".

It's a great seat and is comfortable. My only real issue with it was the riding position. It seemed to put me Up and Forward. I was going to replace it with the larger Mustang solo, but came across a used Corbin with stitching to match my bike so I snagged it instead.

Condition; The seat is in great shape nothing wrong with it that I can tell. The fender bib and mounting studs are in great shape. The backrest however has had vinyl repair. I was throwing my leg off the seat a couple months ago and something on my boot caught the top of it and put three tears in the vinyl :mad:. 2 were real small, but one was the size of a nickel. I picked up a vinyl repair kit off ebay for $6 and much to my surprise the stuff worked great. It seems very durable and looks 10-times better than I expected it too. The large repair spot is just above my finger in the one picture.

Seat & Backrest part #79601 $441 new
Fender Bib part #78036 $32 new
Mount Studs part # 78030 $8 new

These prices are from an online retailer, not Mustangs website MSRP's.

That is $481 new. I'm asking $225 shipped to the lower 48.

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