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Driver's seat with backrest and fender bib (bib not in pics but IS included), maybe 1000 miles on it. I went to the Saddleman before I went to a Hammock so it's been in the box for the last few months. Per Mustang's website, fits 2008-16 Touring, I had it on a 15 RGS.

About 4 months old, very small "cut/scrape" and I use those terms loosely as it's more like a scrape that's straight. I'm assuming from my boot and barely noticeable but it's there and I'd rather say it's there than have you get the seat and notice it after you install it.

Looking for $325 shipped or would trade for a contrast cut air cleaner of some sort, needs to be contrast cut though and I'm looking for a fair trade so don't offer me some ebay air cleaner and expect a straight trade :p


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