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Black Mutazu Lowers with 6.5 speaker tops (no speakers). All hardware (original and a few other things I added). Their webiste says 98-13 FLTR, but I had them on a 2015 RGS (the engine guard and brackets have not changed). I have already trimmed the caps.

They are in good condition, but I just didn't like them that much. They work just fine, but they are what they are. Like we've all talked about on the forum, they are aftermarket lowers. They are a little thinner and the fit/finish isn't quite like the OEM ones. They're cheaper and they work though. I'm just super obsessive about fit/finish type things.

Let me know if you think these might work for you. PM me on here, respond to the thread, or email me at [email protected].

$120 shipped to the contiguous 48. If you're outside of that, we can talk it out.


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