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My 103 Build

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I think I'm pretty close to finalizing my build, opinions welcomed.
CVO 103 heads, round combustion chamber with a nice chamfer - came out at 93cc's.
Cometic MLS .030 head gaskets.
SE flattops
The crank that came in the kit came in under 1 thou. .6 in the truing stand.
SE hyd cam upgrade plate and oil pump.
RedShift 575's intake closing at 41* / .053 duration 242* / .575" valve lift.
B148 inner cam bearings, SE lefty crank bearing, Heard of several nightmares with the SE timkin conv. kit and for this mild street motor the roller will do.
T-Max will E-mail me a new map on this receipe.
Re-using my Bub7 TD's.
@ 1200' I have a corrected comp. of 8.72:1 and a ccp of #172.
Had comp.releases machined in anyways and thinking it should be allright with some of the methanol/suspect gas we encounter in the States.

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I love the look!!! Congrats on the build.
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