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Stage 4
The stage 4. I was never impressed with the way the bike ran. Yes it's big, yes it's a touring bike, and yes it was a dog. Picked up the bike last Saturday and had about an 18 mile ride home. Half was freeway and half 2 lane. First thing I noticed leaving the dealership was the throttle response was instant no lag. Got on the freeway and went thru the gears. At around 2200rpm the bike came on real nice and strong. Ran it up to 110 then dropped back to 70, rolled it up to 90 then let it coast back to 70. I was impressed with the way the bike ran. No big hit or uncontrollable power just nice and smooth. This is going to make the bike a lot more fun to ride
Daymakers. What can I say. (those little Harley lite are cool as hell)
Bars. I chose BR Custom. Kinda of expensive and a long wait. The reason I chose BR was because he would make the bars for you. The fit and finish were execellent. I was questioning my height (10in) after ordering and reading other post but glad I stayed at 10's. It seemed like a comfortable and natural postion.
Audio. I chose hawg wired 4 in your face system. I was not comfortable ordering the stuff on line since I really don't know what all I needed. Went to the local car audio and priced everything out. I found I could get what I wanted from Frank at Drago's cheaper and it was plug and play. Wasn't looking for a bikenite blaster just something better than stock and something I can add to and build of off. At 70 with a fullface helmet I could hear the radio. I wasn't messing with much on the was home.
Rear shocks. I went with the Harley premium soley on the price. I got them on sale. 100.00 cheaper then Progressive. I noticed that the bumps weren't as harsh as with the stock. Took a right turn and a little s curve a little more aggressive then I normally would. I liked the way the bike felt. The rear felt firmly planted not wish-washy like with the stock shocks.
I had taken the bike in for the stage 4 and due to a mishap while at the dealership that involved painting the bike was there longer than I had planned. So I just had the dealer install everything. I'm only home a couple days a week and didn't want to bring the bike home and have it apart and get a warm day not be able to ride( fat chance this winter). I'm very happy with the outcome and I think the bike will be a lot more fun to ride.
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