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My Roady updates PG 3

Not big on showing off, but figured I enjoy looking at everyone else's ride so here is mine.

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Ya just becuase a part doesnt say compatible with a 2010 RoadGlide, doesnt mean it wont fit on your bike. The pipe is for a soft tail, and the bars are obviously narrow for a bagger but i like them.
Hey Slowglide. Glad you posted pix!!! We have similar tastes in styles and I just
traded my '06 Street Glide for a '10 Road Glide.
im wanting to know more about your handlebars.
i didnt have apes on my STreet Glide, but have sat on many SG with apes, and found them to be very comfy. I have been looking for narrow apes for the Road Glide, but not sure which ones. the pullback is so different from one bike to the next, and with the Street glide Apes, they have to clear the inner fairing so they naturally have more pullback.
I was looking at chubby outlawz and decided they dont have enough pull back, and then discovered these exact bars you have on your Roadie now. the Santees, and was gonna go for the 14"s as well.
Im short( 5' 6") and obviously you have the bars pushed way up so they are straight up and down, but wondering how they compare with pullback, reach, comfort, compared to the apes on your Street Glide? I would want them in line with the fork angle, as I need them to come way back, but not past the fork angle or it would look ridiculous. also what lines did you have to extend?
thanks in advance. i have been looking for 2 months for someone with bars like yours on a Roadie, and have experience with apes on the Street Glide and havent been able to find any answers.
thank you!
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That is the link to custom chrome part number 693673 for black.

I am 6'3" and they are very confortable, on the street glide i had 12.5". Im not sure what your seat configuration is, but if you do a solo or something you may have trouble reaching. Unless you do a upfront seat. With my street glide with bars as far forward as possible(fairing restricted) I was stretche out pretty good with a brawler seat from harley.

I havent been on a long ride yet with them, but after having apes on my street glide i rode my road glide 10-20 miles before i put these on it.

I did not replace any cables, I spliced my internal wires just to be safe. Throttle by wire can be findangled to work, but for those that are not very experienced with bar installs may want to buy the barnett extention.

Any other questions just let me know.
Sorry i didnt get subscribed to the thread to see your response earlier.
i have a Reach Seat which puts me much closer to everything, but also sits me lower. I will pull the bars back so they are at the same angle the forks run.
how do you splice your internal wires? Do you have ABS brakes?
thanks again for the help and responses!
Also, did you paint your turn signals black?
Im looking to do the same there as well...
And how did those pull wires in the bars work out for you? helpful?
ok. i will have to inquire more about extending wires with ABS.
But the Santees come with a pull wire to make internally wiring the handlebars easier, right? so was wondering about those.
i know some tips to get those boogers through, like using vaseline or something so they will slide through easier etc.
yep read Chains sticky for painting parts. thanks
Hey Slowglide,
Wondering about your clutch cable re-located...
How did you determine where to relocate them?
Do you have any issues with the clutch cable rubbing the tank, or troubles turning the bars full turn?
I cant see that you would have any issues running the brake line where you did, but wondering if you could run the clutch behind the bars like the brake line if that would still work?
thanks for the reply.
Appreciate it!:)
Hey Slowglide,
I ended up getting a +4 clutch cable so I wouldnt have to route it differently.
Hope to get the bike back tonight with my new painted black inner fairing and 14" Black Santees.
I really appreciate you answering all my questions and providing the pictures.
Dealer is doing my bars, and when we mocked them on the bike, a little more forward of the fork angle is what I told them to initially set the bars. i will take it for a ride and see if I can go farther up, but i think its gonna look good where they are at.
thanks again!
Awesome, good to hear. You are going to love them. You feel badass with a set up apes, just the overall feeling.

If you dont mind me asking what did the stealer charge?
I dont know yet. I convinced them to not by all new cables, wiring etc so that should save some money. i will let everyone know here what they charged me.
im about to cry though, they just called and were getting everything buttoned back up, and the MOCO didnt pack one of the inner fairing molding edge pieces and sent 2 Gauge covers and only one of the inner side fairing pieces.
I was so ready to go pick the bike up tonight and have some riding in over the weekend. im gone all next week travelling for work, so I have to wait at least a week!!! So close!
Hey we want to see some pictures of your flame thrower now!!!

And you asked me earlier how much the dealer charged me for the install of my bars and it was 6 hours.
The pictures on Page 1 and 4 shows where he routed the cables.
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