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My Roady updates PG 3

Not big on showing off, but figured I enjoy looking at everyone else's ride so here is mine.

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Heres my old street glide that I gave up to come to the dark side.
call me stupid but I dont regret it...
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Hey slowglide what bars are those
They are 14" Santee's

$99.99 out of custom chrome.

No need to extend anything other than the internal wiring.
Ya just becuase a part doesnt say compatible with a 2010 RoadGlide, doesnt mean it wont fit on your bike. The pipe is for a soft tail, and the bars are obviously narrow for a bagger but i like them.

That is the link to custom chrome part number 693673 for black.

I am 6'3" and they are very confortable, on the street glide i had 12.5". Im not sure what your seat configuration is, but if you do a solo or something you may have trouble reaching. Unless you do a upfront seat. With my street glide with bars as far forward as possible(fairing restricted) I was stretche out pretty good with a brawler seat from harley.

I havent been on a long ride yet with them, but after having apes on my street glide i rode my road glide 10-20 miles before i put these on it.

I did not replace any cables, I spliced my internal wires just to be safe. Throttle by wire can be findangled to work, but for those that are not very experienced with bar installs may want to buy the barnett extention.

Any other questions just let me know.
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Alright, GR8FLH you can either pay for the extention, or just cut the wire and add another piece of wire with couplings, or sauder them together and wrap them. Im not sure if there is extra wiring for the ABS, my bike did not have ABS.

As for the pulling wires through bars, i have never had a good experience with this. Its not fun, your gonna sweat, swear through a few tools.,....possibly... But it will eventually work out and be well worth it. I put my bars in a vise so im dont have to fight so much.

For the parts, actually nothing is powder coated. I use a Appliance epoxy paint on all my stuff. Its all in the prep. Chainsaw has a good sticky on this in one of the forums and I use a similar process. I had that paint on my street glide for over a year and almost 9 thousand miles with no chips. Good bang for your buck if you ask me. Ive also never had anyone question it. They are always like man the powder coated parts are awesome. You must have a bunch of money tied up in that I bet. If they only new I had 15 smacks and some elbow grease for an evening.
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Alright, just got my HD brawler seat put on tonight. Rode up to the local spot. I had it on my street glide before and loved it. Like it just as much on my road glide. I am 6'3" with some pretty long arms and i can lock a leg on my FBI jack knifes. I think when biketoberfest starts I am going to get some forward controls. Any body on here from central Florida area???
Both nice lookin rides... Those pipes have to be LOUD AS HELL, but cool... lol. ;-)
It was loud when i got it, considering it is not offered with a baffle. I made one myself and have been drilling holes and tuning it to my preference. I have it about as loud as i want it and ive been able to tune it where the power is fair through out that power band. Main problem was the collector was getting realy hot took a lot of guessing and different baffle designs to make it work.
Sweet Bike, Sweet Truck!
Why a Range Rover?????
What can I say? My dad has good taste. Range is my dad's fiance's. Truck is mine.

In the Range's defense, I could never come out of pocket for one, but that thing is sweet.
I'll alleggedy be in Florida, Key West, then daytona for biketoberfest....

Not sure about getting work done, maybe have it done already...

Would those dresser apes fit on your road glide if you decided to do that?

I want to hang 'em high, but maybe a bit further apart? and pulled back while still going straight up. I'm 6/2

and probably have to get the 2011 seat which resembles more of a shaved electra glide seat.

great work on the black epoxy parts
Do you mean you wanna use the dresser apes that have the bend at the bottom?? I have seen them on road glides but they look goofy.
Well, a small update i guess. Sorry to those that are waiting for my powder coated wheels update. I cant stop riding long enough to pull them off. But i did paint the primary cover, cam cover, and trans cover. All came out great using VHT High Heat wrinkly finish paint. Also, added solo seat that is awesome. I am 6'3" and with my set up I am fully stretched out. I am still gonna coat the wheels, included floor boards, saddlebag rails, and eventually valve covers, and pushrods when i do cams. The covers look like they have some distortion, but they have been riden a few times since that picture and have fully cured now i think.

So far my favorite changes are the bars and the seat by far. Stock seat and stock bars equal ugly bike.

But for now,

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Hey Slowglide,
Wondering about your clutch cable re-located...
How did you determine where to relocate them?
Do you have any issues with the clutch cable rubbing the tank, or troubles turning the bars full turn?
I cant see that you would have any issues running the brake line where you did, but wondering if you could run the clutch behind the bars like the brake line if that would still work?
I will try and get some pics tonight for you when i get home. But i do not have any binding or issues at full lock. It does take ALL the slack out of it but does not pull cable or have any side effects. Oh and i cut the stock zip tie from the fram and moved it over.

As for the brake line, i think i just took the line out of the the console and ran it outside of the center. Basically let it run naturally.
Hey SlowGlide like the Tag bracket, I've been thinking about mounting my tag under my bag but hadnt had time to fab one up. Did youmske yours or did you buy it from somewhere?

Its going to sound ghetto, but it was the stock bracket. I trimmed it a little bent it up a little, and attactched it to the saddlebag rail. You can use whatever you want to attach it, but i used 3-4 selftaping screws. never came loose. Couldnt see the mounting unless the bag was off.

I hate looking at those pics of my glide, though I do love my road glide i had a lot of time and money in the street glide. Mostly a bunch of DIY jobs that made it have a lot of sentimental value.

I would go with the +6. I had 12.5 on my street glide, and ran the 6". I have stock cables still with no issues just rerouting. A little to much is better then not enough.
Thanks for the support, not many people could see my ideas that i had. I will one day put fat 50 spoke wheels with red rims or black rims black hubs and spokes with red nipples. Just keeping it on the cheap for now.
Awesome, good to hear. You are going to love them. You feel badass with a set up apes, just the overall feeling.

If you dont mind me asking what did the stealer charge?
Well I need to get some pics for you all, but i cut my exhaust up and made it a side exit exhaust now. Also, finally got my flame thrower put on. Had it on my street glide but never got around to putting it the road glide. Shoots a good 2-3 foot flame. :D
Dude, what pipe is that?? Looks great, did you fab a mounting bracket?? Hows it sound compared to a thunderheader??
Its a Martin Broz Slicksta II i think. But i cut it up changed the exit direction.

Does not come with a baffle, so you either have to make one as i did, or run it straight out. I have it straight out right now becuase the baffle blew out. Its loud but not bad. Nothing like a thunderheader though. I had one on my old bike, but I like this just as much.

Tuner is a must, not an option unless you are trying to cook a valve, and your leg at the same time.
Here is a before and after pic of the exhaust, I cut it and turned it 45* and turned it out to the side to get the exhaust away from the bike. I was gettin g recirculation of the exhaust from behine me. Excuse the Grandpa windshield it was a little brisk on my ride in this morning.

After Cut:

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Slowglide, what size Windvest is that? And that is the Dark tint correct?


It is a 12" and it is dark smoke. Im 6'3 and with my solo seat i can still see over the top of it. wind hits me on the top of my head, and I can wear a hat up to about 75ish.
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