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Picked up a new Road Glide late last year and been doing some work to it. Thought I would share some pics and details with you guys. Let me know what you think.

Major Engine Mods:
SE CNC Ported 110" Heads w/Diamond Cut Process
SE 11.1:1 3.87 Race Pistons
SE 260 Cam
SE Race Clutch and High Torque Compensator
SE 10MM Plug Wires
SE Pro Race Tuner
SE Forged Rocker Arm Supports
SE High Flow 58MM EFI Throttle Body and Injectors
SE Black Heavy Breather HF Intake
SE Automatic Compression Release
Premium Oil Cooler and Thermostat

Exhaust: Vance & Hines Big Radius

Vivid Black paint with Orange Eagle Stripe that has integrated ghost flames within the orange stripe.
Color matched/painted dash
Eliminated Front Turn Signals w/Cyclevision Black/Smoke Illumabezel
Eliminated front crash bar with custom fab'd bracket for lower fairing mount
Rear fender custom fab'd with side fillers.
Rear taillight done using HiTech LED custom shaped and frenched/smoked into the rear fender to be invisible til lit
Rear L/R Turn signals done user HiTech LED units also frenched/smoked into the rear fender fillers
Full length bag extensions. No exhaust opening since we used the Samson pipes. I like it this way much better.
Front/Rear Lowered 1" under stock height
HD Badlander Seat and Kuryakn quick seat release.
Pretty much everything except engine and tank dash is blacked out.

Sounds: Hawg Wired DSC/SX 120WT Amp/Spkrs w/J&M Flexpower hidden antenna.

Left to do: Wheels (still deciding on these)


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Sweet!!!! Two Thumbs UP!!!

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That is one awesome looking bike.I was planning on doing some orange stripes on mine, probably wont be till next year. Ill make sure no to copy off of you! Sweet bike!

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That's friggin' cool. I like it. Nice work! :)

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You have done a great job! the black derby cover is a great accent, I think the pipes would look better if they were black to match the heavy breather. Love the bag extensions and the tail, a nice Ass is a thing of beauty! Certainly looks far better than the blacked out CVO electra glide. WELL DONE!
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