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I haven't been to Daytona or Myrtle since 2005. Did Daytona bike week and biktoberfest, and Myrtle spring rally bunch of times 98-05. Never been to the Myrtle fall rally before. Taking the RG down this year. I expect it to be a an almost nothing event compared to what I'm used to. Just hoping there to be some cool things to do, places to go, bands to see, and no major crowds or traffic jams. And hoping to have nice weather, not too hot, not too cold, but just right.

I heard things got a little weird down there, town trying to shut down bike weeks and whatnot. What's it like there these days?

I'm also looking to do a little less of a bike week type vacation this time. Not looking for all the vendor tent cities. Any advice on non-biker things to check out.

Likewise any ideas on some good rides to go on? In years past we didn't venture much beyond North Myrtle and south to Murrells inlet.
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