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N.U.G. From KC Metro area

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Hello everyone. Well, lets see here... I currently reside in the KC Metro working in the telecom industry. I am pretty easy going and can roll with the punches. I make a lot of stupid jokes (i.e. when i see a donkey i usually say what an ass). I grew up in SW Missouri, joined the ARMY when i was 20. I did 4 yrs from 97 to 01 and spent the whole time in Ft Hood, TX with the exception of a 6 month tour in Bosnia. Got out & moved to KC. I have been riding off & on my whole life. Most of my family rode back in the day so I grew up with all kinds of bikes from Harleys to Hondas.
I was very skeptical and hated to do it at the time but I traded in my '04 VROD last weekend and got myself a 2010 Road Glide Custom. In hind sight I am really glad I did. I am much happier with this bike than the VROD and that's what counts. Although, if you ask my wife she liked the VROD better. Since she doesn't ride very often, I say a happier rider is a safer rider right? :p While the VROD was an awesome extremely fun bike, and had gobs & gobs of power, I found myself trying to turn it into something it really wasn't intended to do, so I took the plunge to get the "Panther" (my buddies nickname for it). Found this website a couple of days ago searching for Road Glide stuff & decided to join up so I can learn about my new ride & hopefully make some new friends.
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Welcome!!! Your going to find the forum to be loaded with good people that care about there rides (RGs or sometimes also referred to as Fuglys) as well as a lot of great info. Make sure you post some pictures of your ridenow and as you make mods on it. The best part of the site for me is seeing how changes look. If you look back on threads can preveiw what your 10' will look like with just about any pipe and windshield for example. Again, welcome to the "shark tank"
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