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N.U.G. From KC Metro area

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Hello everyone. Well, lets see here... I currently reside in the KC Metro working in the telecom industry. I am pretty easy going and can roll with the punches. I make a lot of stupid jokes (i.e. when i see a donkey i usually say what an ass). I grew up in SW Missouri, joined the ARMY when i was 20. I did 4 yrs from 97 to 01 and spent the whole time in Ft Hood, TX with the exception of a 6 month tour in Bosnia. Got out & moved to KC. I have been riding off & on my whole life. Most of my family rode back in the day so I grew up with all kinds of bikes from Harleys to Hondas.
I was very skeptical and hated to do it at the time but I traded in my '04 VROD last weekend and got myself a 2010 Road Glide Custom. In hind sight I am really glad I did. I am much happier with this bike than the VROD and that's what counts. Although, if you ask my wife she liked the VROD better. Since she doesn't ride very often, I say a happier rider is a safer rider right? :p While the VROD was an awesome extremely fun bike, and had gobs & gobs of power, I found myself trying to turn it into something it really wasn't intended to do, so I took the plunge to get the "Panther" (my buddies nickname for it). Found this website a couple of days ago searching for Road Glide stuff & decided to join up so I can learn about my new ride & hopefully make some new friends.
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Welcome Masonc. Great forum, and to reiterate, there are a lot of good folks that hang out here. Good luck takin it slow with your mods, that can be hard to do.

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