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After emailing them a couple of times, they finally added pics of the road glide Wave shields. There is only one angle, and to me that sucks. I want to see a side profile to see the actual curve of the shield. So I am emailing them again, to see if they have pics of a side profile they can just send me.
Here is the link

And here are the pics,.. only 3 sizes and the tint you see, is the tint you get on that shield,.. no dark tall ones in other words

Height: 06.25 in. (15.9cm)

Height: 10.50 in. (26.7cm) (this is what the specs say,.,.. but they are wrong. Its the same height as the tall?)

Height: 10.50 in. (26.7cm)

Nothing there really strikes me as new an innovative,.. and not even really cool looking. The only plus side, is national is well known for how strong their shields are. After seeing these, I will probably still go with the Cee Baileys.
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I just got my Cee Bailey 16" and like it so far. I am still not sure of the total amount of wind protections since both times I have been out there has been a wind blowing. I just bought some soft lowers to try and see how much that helps. If they do then I will spring for some vented lowers at some point.
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