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After emailing them a couple of times, they finally added pics of the road glide Wave shields. There is only one angle, and to me that sucks. I want to see a side profile to see the actual curve of the shield. So I am emailing them again, to see if they have pics of a side profile they can just send me.
Here is the link

And here are the pics,.. only 3 sizes and the tint you see, is the tint you get on that shield,.. no dark tall ones in other words

Height: 06.25 in. (15.9cm)

Height: 10.50 in. (26.7cm) (this is what the specs say,.,.. but they are wrong. Its the same height as the tall?)

Height: 10.50 in. (26.7cm)

Nothing there really strikes me as new an innovative,.. and not even really cool looking. The only plus side, is national is well known for how strong their shields are. After seeing these, I will probably still go with the Cee Baileys.
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Hows the turbulence with the wave???? any better?
I have the XL Clearview on mine for the past couple of years and it is OK but still get a lot of wind noise in the ears. This one measures 15" from the speedo. It looks herendous though and really like a gold wing but with me being 6'5" I am going to have to have something tall. Getting Hoggchopp lowers soon and am hoping they will allow me to go to a shorter shield. The WAVE looks pretty cool but they do not say much about other than stylish. With the tall only being 10", even with the "wave" not sure it will through the air above my head. Also with it not have the "V" may not help my ears either. Would be nice if they had a combination of both of them and maybe I could go with a medium with the lowers. This is my first Harley and boy is it tough finding and shield and seat for tall guys for these things.
Got the Wave in yesterday and installed today will take pics and post a review this weekend.
Got my "Wave Tall" installed yesterday. Already put some miles on it. I have a brief review over in the "Windshield Quest" thread.
Got my "Wave Tall" installed yesterday. Already put some miles on it. I have a brief review over in the "Windshield Quest" thread.
Where are the pictures?
Where are the pictures?
Pics up in the "Windshield Quest" thread
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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