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I have installed several Fuel Moto 2/1/2 jackpot head pipes and they are nice, can use factory heat shields, I have used several slip-ons, the loudest I ran was CFR'S but tuning them is harder, you loose a little low end torgue, and the drone on long rides did anoying, ran Rinehart Racing and they sounded nice and tuned well, and also used Fuel Moto Jackpot slip-on's they have a nice tone, and when on the throttle get a nice rumble, and they did tune real nice also. Depends what you are looking for, listen to different bikes before you make your decision. You also will need to do a tune after changing exhaust and AC
I would agree with you. My favorite exhaust I had was Rhinehardt slip-ons with the fuel moto jackpot 2/1/2 headpipe. It was a little quieter than I would have liked when you got on it hard but where you cruise at from 2-3k it was just right and made long trips much more enjoyable than the D&D 2 into 1 I had was.
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