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Just bought a 2010 RGS - it had a stage 4 done by Harley back in 2010.
I installed Freedom Performance tuck and under true duals and Freedom Performance Combat slipons.
Originally had a V&H Pro Pie 2-1
I had the local stealer do a tune after the pipe install, and now I've got a bike that runs horribly.
Big flat spot at 3000....this thing is supposed to start pulling hard at about 2800.
They said they can't do any better until I get a more streetable cam....but the bike didn't run like this with the V&H setup.
Looking for another dyno person that knows his stuff and maybe go with a different tuner instead of the SE tuner.
It has SE 260 cams and the SE tuner.
Dyno chart is attached.
Anyone know of a good tuner in SW Michigan (Kalamazoo/Grand Rapids/Lansing/Ft. Wayne IN)?
Anyone have any thoughts on why it drops out like it does?


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