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need help with tourpak

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Hey guys
I have a 2015 rg with a 2015 king tourpak
I have ordered all the stuff to add the rear and side marker lights
I think I have everything figured out but not sure of 3 things
I am looking for the location where the tour pak harness goes through the tour pak to tie into the main harness
Also trying to figure if the plugs for this connection are to be inside or outside of the tourpaK
Also need to know how far down from the top edge of the tourpak bottom the screws are for the wiring cover that covers the harness on the outside of the pak
I would appreciate if any of you guys with 14-16 tourpak would take out the liner and get me some pics and measurements

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If it were me, I would make the harness come down just to the edge of the seat and the frame. Then I would put a short harness from under the seat to that point. That way if you are washing the bike, easy removal. If it's going to be off for awhile, remove seat and take the short harness completely off or tuck it under the seat.
That sounds like a good plan
I was hoping to get this as close as possible to do it like factory
You can get the connectors you need from, go to products and then to connectors
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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