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Need help!

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Hey everyone, the RG i bought came with the older Harley Road Tech mount (2010ish) but no dam GPS. Im sure the dealer took it but anyways im looking for another GPS that would work with the same mount. I dont need it to be waterproof or anything. Just one that would fit in the cradle. Dam dealer sold me the bike with the mount but no dam GPS......bastards
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yea but the good news is, it's probably already wired for the road tech/zumo. that'll save you another $150.00
what ironmark said is true. you can use almost any gps you want. i use the garmin 855 nuvi and plug it into the aux jack to get turn by turn directions thru the stereo. I also use the GPS onboard music function and listen to my playlists. No commercials and the directions override the music when necessary for turns. just keep it on aux when navigating. easy peezy!
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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