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Need help!

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Hey everyone, the RG i bought came with the older Harley Road Tech mount (2010ish) but no dam GPS. Im sure the dealer took it but anyways im looking for another GPS that would work with the same mount. I dont need it to be waterproof or anything. Just one that would fit in the cradle. Dam dealer sold me the bike with the mount but no dam GPS......bastards
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Yea, it is wired up right to the bike and its mounted on the left bar controls but like i said its like 300-400 just for the gps. I can get a regular car gps for 100 bucks.....just need to find one thatll fit that exact cradle
Yea i get all that but this is the problem lol it came all attached and wired to the bike so i was just trying to find another gps i could just put in this cradle. I might have to use one of those expensive Harley ones.....i may just take the whole thing right off


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Yeah I actually randomly met the previous owner to my bike on this forum (kind of crazy I know). He told me it was the Harley Road tech quest GPS. I may just take that cradle off and just throw a new one on there. Probably my best bet
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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