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Need Some windshield Advice

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OK I just replaced my 2009 RG windshield with the 8 inch KW shield. Looks cool as hell, but I'm gettin blasted going down the road. I also did the J&M 7.25 speaker upgrade. I could actually hear my stock speakers with the stock shield going down the road, but with the KW shield I am having a hard time hearing the J&M speakers. My stock shield measured 16 inches from top to bottom of the frame. I am looking for a shield that will still retain that hot rod look, but actually let me hear my speakers better. Like I said I can hear the J&M's but not like I could with the stock shield, just didn't like the look of the stock shield. I am 6 ft. tall and have the stock seat on the bike. The CEE BAILY site calls for a 14 inch SERG, for my size but I'm not sure what to get. Any advice would be appreciated.
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My Findings So Far

OK I removed the K/W 8 incher and put the stock shield back on, man its like night and day, I can hear the speakers at less than half volumn and the wind is not tearing my face off. I took a cruise today and even at 70+ I could hear the speakers with no problem. I have some Yaffe monkey bars on order and I think I'm gonna wait until they are installed before I make any more shield changes, as far as the seat goes right now I am satisfied, but may change it out in the long run. Still I like the looks of the 14 inch wind vest in gunsmoke, but will probablly hold off for right now. Thanks for all the replies and help.
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