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I am in the middle of changing out the bars and lenthening the TBW. I bought the BArnetts adapter, but my problem is what wires go to where on the plug. THe wires off of the TBW are not thesame color as on the female end. If someone can please tell me what wire match upI would certainly appreciate it. This is driving me crazy


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Here is what I did last year.

What I did was use the stock sensor that was removed as a map.

On the old sensor there are two sets of three wires of the same color, [red, white, and black]. One set rapped in yellow, and the other in black. Much like that of the new sensor.

Looking at the old sensor follow each set of three wires as they go into the green connector and line them up with the corresponding color wire coming out of the other side of the green connector. The colors should look like this.

Black set of wires:
Red -> Brown
White -> Blue
Black -> Black

Yellow set of wires:
Red -> Red
White -> Purple
Black -> Violet

Hope this makes sense.
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