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I have a 2011 Road Glide Ultra with the SE Ventilator AC with the cat removed from the stock headpipe and the CVO slip-ons. I am using a Power Commander V (PCV).

We just bought my wife a used 2011 Electra Glide from a friend who had the SE AC and a set of unidentified slip ons. He also had the cat removed from the stock headpipe. He had the Harley Stage 1 tune on his bike. This bike runs smoother and has more power than mine and more importantly, runs COOLER!

We just returned from a 1250 mile trip up through Arkansas (AWESOME) and I needed to change the fluids in my bike. I also changed the plugs and noticed that the rear seemed way rich - the front was a tad rich but the back was VERY rich. I am using the SE PCV tune 103 for touring models which is for the SE AC and the SE Thunder Street Performance Mufflers.

I am thinking about going to the PCV tune 058 which is for SE AC only since the CVO exhaust are kind of restrictive compared to other Slip-on mufflers.

Anyone have a similar set up or a recommendation on a map? Yeah, I know take it to the Dyno and get it tuned, right? I will be glad to on your nickle!:nerd: But really just want a canned tune.

I may just yank the PCV and take it to HD and have the Stage 1 tune installed like is on the Electra Glide.
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