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Need touring seat suggestions

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I need a new touring seat and I'm looking for recommendations. I had my Street Glide Sundowner seat Butt Buffered ($250) and was really disappointed! After only an hour, my co-pilot and I both had sore butts!?!?

I've heard good things about Mustangs super touring seats but wanted to get more feedback before pulling the trigger. Any and all recommendations would be appreciated.
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I just did a 2100 mile ride on my Sundowner and was never uncomfortable. Perhaps you need a stiffer seat. The best seat I ever had was a Corbin. They're hard as cement and expensive but they work great (for me). I've been through dozens of seats and many have been disappointments. It's basically a crap shoot when it comes to picking the right saddle.
1 - 1 of 61 Posts
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