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New bars help!!!

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Hi all..... long time reader. And I must say I have found alot of good info here. Thanks to everyone.....
Ok so I have a 15 RGS, and final bit the bullet and changed bars. I went with the road 6 customs 13" traditional bars.
I tore apart the stock bars everything went fine. I ran the wires in the new bars. Went smooth no issues. I was able to leave the dreaded green plug on the wire harness. I reinstalled the bars. Went to start the bike and fired right up. And lo & behold........ The cruise light was flashing, check engine light was on and no throttle..... that sucks!!!!!!!! I was reading here that I may have wired the tbw plug wrong. So I checked that and changed the wires to what i thought the position should be. Hooked everything up. Hit the start button, and would turn over but no start........ there I am heart Ok so I thought I would start from the beginning. Took the bars off, pulled the right side switch harness and tbw harness out to check the green plug. It appeared to be plugged in and in good shape.
I taped the plug reassembled the right side. Ran down to my local indy shop to double check the tbw plug wire location. Reassembled correctly hooked everything up, put everything together. And started the bike, and again...... cruise light blinking,engine light is on and no throttle!!!!!!!!! I know this subject has been beat to death. I just need help. I wired a 08 Electra Glide with 4 billion wires and didn't have this much trouble.... thanks in advance........
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Gonna be putting some Factory47 14" Malo Bars on in the next few months. What do people mean when they say get rid of the green connector? How do you get rid of it if its the cable for the throttle. Any info or tips would be great. thanks
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