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NEW Bars or Not

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I'm down to the "wire" on the bar swap thing. I've thought about this for a long time but haven't committed to it yet. I like the Yaffe bars and I think that the 10" ones will do fine . My question is for those of you that have swapped bars. Is the wires a PITA to change ? Thanks for any advice it looks like a winter project this year.

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Do it. They were not easy to change but remember....pimpin ain't easy. :D
Hey FN,
My RG's not tricked out enough for those bars but they look sweet on your's. I'm glad to see you went with them. I'm looking for some more comfort and I like the looks of the Yaffe bars. I need the bars to be about 4" higher and back about 1" from where they are. How long does it take to do Cables , wire and the rest?

I actually used my original clutch cable and brake line.:eek:It's close but I got away with it.:D If you went with the Yaffe bars then you will need to extend the wires which takes's a very time consuming process. Internally wiring bars with sharp curves is a PITA! The Yaffe bars look awesome IMO.

If you just wanted to add a set of heritage bars and keep the wiring extenral then it would only take about an hour at most to change the bars.

RippedGlide will vouch for my set up as he has ridden my bike a lot.
You can do a few things saw*me, you can get the Yaffe kit, the Novello kit (this kit is color coded just like the oem cables), or go to the auto store and get the correct gauge and use that. When you solder the additional length of wire make sure you cut the wires at different lengths so you don't have a huge bundle to fish through. FunkyNova posted a good post when he did his. When I did the 16's on my crossbones I bought the Novello. This time I will save the money and just get the correct gauge from the auto store. Good luck
It doesn't have to be the same exact gauge wire. The stock wires are really tiny gauge and I used 18. I would definitely use smaller gauge wires but you may have to go to radioshack to get the smaller wire as most auto part stores only sell 18 gauge and thicker. Smaller wires would have made the job somewhat easier.

I soldered and heat shrunk wrapped each wire one by was very time consuming but in the end it was fine. Like rippedglide said, you want to stagger cut the wires so all the splices are not bundled together which would make it really thick and nearly impossible to pull through the bars.

There were (I think) 13 wires on the clutch side and 20 wires on throttle side. I would suggest bundling the wires in fours or fives...this will make it easier to pull through the bars.

you can PM me and I'll shoot you my number and walk you through it if needed.:D
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Except for the seat -
True. LOL
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