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I have a Brand New Set , In the Box , Bitubo Shocks , , Bitubo Shocks, HD004WME, 330mm (13"), For Sale , Brand New , with Instructions , and Adjusting Wrench and original Box ,

These are the Newest Bitubo Shocks Imported from Italy , , I had one of My Customers bought a set of These and I installed them for him , and Adjusted them for Him and I was very Impressed with the Ease to Adjust Quickly , and the Ride was Great , the Best I have seen. I have the Bitubo 3 Adjustment Shocks , which are sold MSRP for $ 899.00 and the 3 Adjustment Bitubo shock do take a little time and patience to adjust the Preload , Compression, and Rebound .

The Newest Bitubos Shocks I m Selling have 2 Adjustments , Preload and Rebound , very Easy to Adjust , and Ride Better than all the other shocks I have tried , and I have Tried Most of Any out there

I just bought These for my 2009 Road Glide , But Since I bought them I have Decided to to Sell My 2009 Road Glide for a Newer Bike , So I am selling these Brand New Bitubo Shocks , they are 330 mm or 13 Inch Shocks , They Retail from Traxxion for $ 549.95

I am Selling these New Shocks for $ 430.00 Plus $ 15.00 Fed-X shipping , I accept PayPal , you can contact at 817-812-7050 Cell

You can Check these New Shocks at Traxxion Dynamics for more Information and Specs
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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