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2021 Road Glide Limited (Midnight Crimson)
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Decided this look wasn't for me. ;) View attachment 426478
Actually, I did go for a ride with the cardboard to verify new shield height. It stayed stuck at 70mph and was a lot quieter than the unmolested stock shield. Decided on the Freedom Shield 16" and the medium gray tint.
Did the test ride with the plastic in place. Much better than the stock windshield. If I raise up about 3" in the seat the noise is about the same as the stock windshield. Sitting normally the buffeting is minimal. My guess is about a 20db reduction in wind/buffeting noise. Rode with earplugs with the stock shield so that is where I got the 20db number. I'm 5'9" ish and I'm looking right at 2" over the new shield. And, yes it's quieter than the cardboard.

The medium tint is exactly what I expected and does a lot to knock down glare.

Got a call from John a few days before it was supposed to ship. Covid hit his shop and slowed things down a bit. Only delayed shipping by 3 days. Great people to work with.
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