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New Fuel Moto E-Series 2/1 retrofit muffler for V&H Pro Pipe, D&D Fatcat, etc..

The E-Series universal 2/1 muffler allows user to tailor the sound and performance of their current 2/1 system. This is a direct replacment muffler for many popular systems inluding the D&D Fatcat & Boarzilla, V&H Pro Pipe, and many others. The E-Series elliptical tuning system allows you to add or remove discs based on the performance requirements of what your motor requires and has been tested to over 175Hp. The E-Series muffler also gives you the ability to adjust to a specific sound level you are looking for. The kit includes E-Series muffler with FLH style mounts (23.5" w/ 2.5" inlet), pre-installed tuning discs, and stainless clamp. Optional components include E-Series rear heat shield, and stainless adjustable extension (allows muffler to be used in applications up to 28")

Significantly reduced dB level compared to straight through mufflers
Deep, powerful tone
Superior tunability and overall performance
Full tunable on stock to fully modified motors
Fits most FLH 2/1 systems such as D&D, Vance & Hines, etc.
NOTE: E-Series heat shield not required on most Vance & Hines Pro Pipe applications

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