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New Hogg Chopps

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Ok, here's the deal, I just ordered a set of Hogg Chopps lowers for my '08 and was wondering if anyone knows if there are any glove boxs out there that will fit the Hogg Chopps.

I won't have the lowers for about 3 weeks but I'm thinking of trying building some unless I can find something that will work. Looks like it will be a PITA to try to fabracate something that will work. Was also thinking about mounting a second set of speakers down there like I did on my old Ultra.

I'll post something if I find anything or end up making my own.
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Like I said, about three weeks til I get the lowers. I'm just now starting to look at different materials to use to make the boxes. I might be in over my head but thats never stopped me before. Most likely will end up with a very large pile of scrap and a bigger hangover. Let you guys know how it turns out.
Get the chopps on your bike, then decide if you want glove boxes or not. I thought I wanted them to before I got my hogg chopps. Once they came, and I installed them.. they sit so far forward it would be dangerous to try to reach when riding and you probably wouldn't be able to see what your grabbing for anyhow.
Besides,.. RG's have built in glove boxes that are close to the same size as whats on the H-D lowers. If your hurting for space that much,.. put a luggage rack on your trunk. :p

See how far forward they are..
I'm not really think about more storage. I'm thinking of mounting speakers down there like I did on my Ultra. If someone already made glove boxes, it would be a lot easier to modify them than to start from scratch. We'll see how it goes once I get the lowers.
I just inquired about ordering a set of Hogg Chopps and shipping up to was the reply from HC.

My painter just moved so all I can sell is unpainted parts right now. $239 US for the lowers plus shipping. Ususally about $35-45 US.

Man, I hope this doesn't screw up my order. I ordered a painted set on March 17th. I sure hope they got painted before his painter moved!
1 - 4 of 31 Posts
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