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J&M Corporation now has the ability to FLASH your 2014-2016 Harley Infotainment radio, in house at our factory in Tucson and also at the various trade shows we set up at across the USA each year.

This special J&M/Harley Infotainment radio FLASH will lower the output of the radio itself, flatten out the internal EQ settings, activate the plug-in rear output channels, activate front/rear fader control, maintain Bass/Treble/AVC controls & optimize the overall output signal ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, for use with J&M ROKKER & Performance series amplifiers, along with most other non-Harley brand amplifiers.

These special Infotainment radio FLASH settings will NOT be affected in the future by the periodic Harley radio updates performed thru the USB thumb drive port.

J&M will also custom tune your J&M ROKKER or Performance series amplifier kit for this special J&M/Harley radio flash, if purchased at the same time and return ship back all together, for a total plug-n-play no-hassle installation.

J&M can also FLASH the 2006-2013 Harley HK radios for 4 speakers, enhanced EQ and activate the front/rear fader control.

The cost for this J&M/Harley radio FLASH service is $75.00.

To take advantage of this unique service, ship your radio to: J&M Corporation, 1415 S. Cherry Ave., Tucson, AZ 85713 ,,,,, Attn: J&M Service ,,,,,,,,, and make sure to include your eMail address & phone number inside the package with the radio.
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