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Well i just installed my new 'old" system in my bike.
I had a PDX 4.150 in my old bike in the bag but its a pain.
3 different times, dif bikes.
I installed a KIV-700 kenwood, Boston acoustics SE60's in fairing,
polk audio MM651 in lowers, this was my old stuff.
I went with the soundstream amp 4.520D.

the sound stream does NOT sound as good as the alpine but it is way better than stock.
Now parts list.
Hawg wired adapter
BA SE60's in dash
MM651 in lowers
Soundstream Nano 4.520.
8 gauge cable for power and ground ran to battery. under tank.
I made the slots for the turn signal wires longer to run the lower speaker wires out just above the fairing supports.

We will see how this amp works, I have burned up two bikertronics, two arc audios, one elf amps. Yes they were hooked up correctly.
This is why I always go back to the bag!! I play this shit loud. (I dont crank the gain).
I have seen reviews that the JL amp will fit in the fairing but no pics?
Why cant ANYONE make an amp that fits on top of the aftermarket radio and has a slant that matches the fairing slope on the end?

Ok here are some pics.


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Good luck with the New System, I run 2 Alpine pdx amps, have run others but always find my way back to the Pine (never failed me yet). I am also a big fan of the BA speakers they don't get a lot of hype but they do sound GOOD!

BTW the JL will fit with some minimal modifications. If I can find the pics of one posted in the fairing I will post it.
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