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New roadglider from l.a....lower arkansas

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Just traded my '07 UltraClassic for a brand new 2011 Road Glide Ultra, in process of changing out numerous parts off one to the other and buying new parts to work on the new bike. Haven't even got a hundred miles on her yet but already in love with the new bike...except for the stock handle bars, and I'm workin' on that!!! As with most forums, this one is loaded with much useful info and in this case, specifically for the Road Glide crew, I like that !!!! Hope to visit and respond often to questions and with questions...seeya on the road....PACO, TEXARKANA, USA
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Welcome from Texas! I've ridden in south Arkansas. I have friends in Smackover and a river place up in Heber Springs. Very pretty country.
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