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Has any buddy put a Aquatic AV Bluetooth stereo in yet ? if so how do like it? Its in J & P
Yes...last week.
Customer brought us one to replace the Jensen (poor decision number one) fits...and everything "works" that's where the joy ends.
The company advertises max output (typical BS marketing) but gives no RMS or distortion specs. Audio was fair at lower volumes but at usable riding volume...not so much.
Display is a joke.
And lets face it...another Chinese unit (and it feels like a Chinese unit) claiming to be "designed for Harley" with no AVC. If you're designing it for Harley, how do you leave out the AVC???
Hooking up an amp was only marginally better. Uses 2v pre-amps. It's 2015...who designs in 2v pre-amps???

All in all it's another "C" division company that made a unit that "bolts in" and claims to be "designed for Harley" when the truth of the matter is they took an off the shelf unit and pit it in a housing that fits.

You will still be Way better off choosing a better head unit and installing a Scosche, Metra, or bikrtronics kit if you feel the need to go aftermarket
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