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New to the motorcycle world

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Hey, I'm new to the whole motorcycle world. Never owned one or even ridden one. Took the rider safety course the last weekend of June, and on July 1st (my birthday) my wife bought and surprised me with a new 2015 Road Glide Special! I'm still in shock and am slowly learning the bike. It's an awesome feeling riding it and it's very comfortable, I'm looking forward to putting miles on it but am taking it slowly. Just figured I'd introduce myself and give a lil background on me. This is a whole new world to me and I'm excited to be in it... And I thought I loved my Vette... hahaha
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Welcome from Colorado to the greatest group you may ever find.
Welcome from Tennessee.
Welcome aboard from NE Oklahoma!
Welcome from AK

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Happy birthday and congrats on the new ride.
Welcome from MA

WOW. What a great gift. Welcome to the tank. You're gonna love that ride.
Best of luck.
Wow! What a "first bike"! Be safe. Now that you have the BRC under your belt, aim for the ARC. Joining the AMA would be a good move too. Tons of benefits...and it helps preserve our rights as motorcyclists. Oh, and welcome from Connecticut.
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