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I've been a member of the forum here for a few weeks now and pretty much just been a reader. Had a great experience so here is my first post.....

Went to Daytona Bike week this year with the intent to visit all the vendors for a new windshield. I was tired of the wind noise and buffeting so bad that it rattled my teeth. I decided on the 15" Windvest in light smoke. I am very happy to say that I am very pleased with my decision. In fact I could not be much happier. I do a lot of highway riding and enjoy my music. At 6'3" with the stock seat, the 15" allows me to play my stock stereo at 50-60% as opposed to 95% at 80 mph. No more buffeting. Great fit, super sturdy, no sag on the rubber gasket and just works.


Chris W.
13' RGU
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