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Newbie from KC

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Wanted to say hello to everyone. New to the RG family... well I guess not yet really... Totaled a 2009 RK Classic in June and have just ordered a 2011 RG Custom in Sedona Orange. Won't see that until Oct I'm told, but I wanted the Power Pak option with the 103, ABS and security. Plus the Sedona Orange... I can wait.

I will say that what you guys post on here really helps make decisions about what to get or at least what to look for. I looked hard at everything from Ultra's to SG's. Loved the RG Ultra but settled on the Custom. It was really a color choice for me.

Anyway THANKS for all your posts!!!
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Welcome both of you :) Hope you enjoy your stay. Please support our sponsors when you can and click on the google links when you can.

Remember, It's the members that make the forum :)
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