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Newbie from KC

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Wanted to say hello to everyone. New to the RG family... well I guess not yet really... Totaled a 2009 RK Classic in June and have just ordered a 2011 RG Custom in Sedona Orange. Won't see that until Oct I'm told, but I wanted the Power Pak option with the 103, ABS and security. Plus the Sedona Orange... I can wait.

I will say that what you guys post on here really helps make decisions about what to get or at least what to look for. I looked hard at everything from Ultra's to SG's. Loved the RG Ultra but settled on the Custom. It was really a color choice for me.

Anyway THANKS for all your posts!!!
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Welcome, welcome, welcome!!! Only been a member 2 days and gotta say I love it!!! I'll I can say is just wait till you want to change bars... I hate the green connector. Used super glue second time.... Amesome bike!!!!!! I thought about getting that color but I liked then 10 better than the 11.. Just personal pref.. Glad to hear your back at it After the crash... Crashing sucks... Old ladies that hit you suck also.... Trust me... Good luck and hope u can handle the wait... I would be jonesn already!!!
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