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Have had a couple of questions about bike repair/maintenance shops close to Shark Week 4. Also, I know some of you plan your routes to stop at HD dealerships on the way for poker chips or shirts, etc. So here is the list.

Motorcycle Repairs/Maintenance:

Laconia HD. (70 miles south/southwest of T&C)
Rte. 3 (D.W. Highway)
Meredith, NH - 603-279-4526 (Offering priority service to us on Tuesday)

Norseman Cycles
89 Hideaway Lane
Bethel, NH. (20 miles south of T&C)

Jim is an Indy shop who has been in business since 1988

L-A Harley Davidson
839 Main St.
Lewiston, ME. (66 miles south/southeast of the T&C)

Other NH HD Dealerships:

Seacoast HD
U.S. Rte. 1
North Hampton, NH

Manchester HD
115 John E Devine Dr. (off So. Willow St.)
Manchester, NH

Rochester HD
7 Crane Dr.
Rochester, NH

Heritage HD
142 Manchester St.
Concord, NH

Monadnock HD
588 Monadnock Hwy
Swanzey, NH (Southwestern part of NH)

Other Maine HD Dealerships:

Big Moose HD
375 Riverside St.
Portland, ME

North Country HD
3099 No. Belfast Ave.
Augusta, ME

Central Maine HD
2387 US Rte. 2
Herman, ME.

Plourde’s HD
11 Laurette St.
Caribou, ME.

Plourde’s HD
116 Main St.
Madawaska, ME (Small branch location of the Caribou store)
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