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I have a set of Brand New never our of the box 5" x 7" speakers for sale. These speakers carry the full Warranty. These sell for $349.00

This speaker set was specially designed to upgrade the rear speakers in the bags of Harley Davidson motorcycles. They are a drop in replacement for the speakers in the lids of the hard bags for CVO®, Touring® and Street Glide® motorcycles. Hybrid Audio Technologies uses a water resistant coating perfect for motorcycle use. Their commitment to building the world's finest audiophile grade speakers continue with this set.
Frequency Response: 75-20,000 hz
Sensitivity: 93.6 db
Nominal Power: 100w RMS
Max Power: 230 W
Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
Includes: One set of speakers (2 pcs). The factory grilles and hardware should be reused.


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