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It may not get any traction and if it violates any rules please let me know and I will remove.

I bought a 2001 Yamaha VStar 1100 in February for my son. A couple of months later a deal came along on two Softails that I couldn't pass, so now this sits. It has just over 17,500 miles. The last time I looked at the odometer it was 17503, but I have taken it around the block a couple of times to keep things fresh.

After I purchased it I put new tires on it, about 300 miles ago, new front brakes at the same time and put new plexiglass on it for the windshield. I have oil and a filter when it's dur at 20k, a service manual and could even be talked out of a half helmet if you are interested. I live in Indianapolis on the southside and could be talked into delivering it if we agree on a fair price. I'm starting it at $3100 but will take a reasonable offer. I need to get this thing out of the garage, I want to use the money for vacation and to put some stuff on the Harley's. Thanks for looking, PM me if interested and I will give you my number.


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