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Not that new...

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Hello everyone,
Since I voted in the poll on whether or not to start the New Member section I figured that I better write an intro.:)
Been lurking for a few months now.
Proud owner of a 2010 FLTRX. (The red ones are faster:D)
We have added the 103 stage 1 kit and a bunch of other stuff.
This is my second FLTR. The first being an 04 model which I had upgraded over the miles to a stage II big bore.
Great site. Lots of good info!
Good to see that the word is getting spread about the RoadGlides.
Will post some pictures when I can.
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Welcome Vettster, "red is faster", huh!!! Don't think so my friend... lol... Enjoy the ride.

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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