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Just got back yesterday, so I will be up-dating slowly as I catch up on work requirements.

The people we met were awesome. Both other riders, and locals. Drivers were great too.

We are a social group, and "go out" each night if possible. We also sit around the "table", and talk non-stop.

Let me stay brief, to get in as much as possible in short typing time.

The Cat Ferry: Canceled on us twice, then mid-week on others - when they had real problems. It "needed" to stay over Saturday nights in Portland - canceling Saturday to NS, and Sunday back from NS. To get worked on ? Saturday night ? Please. That kills vacationing tourists. As it did us. All hotel plans had to be redone, losing good rates on booking done in the winter. Plus, having to stay an added day.

Cabot Trail - long stretches under construction. Yes, it needs to be done at times. Waiting on "one way" stretches. Long stretches of dirt, gravel, scraped, ........ Suggest you hold your trip until it is done. It takes a long ride to get there. 7 hours from Yarmouth. Yes, parts of it are breath taking. But, there are rides a lot closer to home, that are great enough for me. Boast's that this is the #1 ride in North America, are BS. Suggestion; don't waste your time eating at the Rusty Anchor. 2.5 hours to get the worst frozen scallops evah...

Many parts of other "trails" are great. Depends which ones you pick of course, as this place is vast. Would take 3 weeks of riding every day, to cover all the seashore trails. More detail on that later.

Do allow for extra time in Halifax. Great city. Be in shape for walking, as it's on a hill. Great food and beverage scene. Water front "walk" is good too ! Bacon Scallops app at Murphy's awesome. Cambridge Suites is in the right area.

Best part of trip, throwing the axe's at Timber Lounge in Halifax. We were the first to bring their own targets..... Group event. Anyone can throw.

Rudder in Yarmouth is very good too. Suggest Rodd hotel there, they have two properties.

More later.

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Further update;

The Boom GPS is way out of date. Just try and pick out towns. Many do not appear. Streets even more a problem. Takes some fiddlin....

Stayed in Portland ME, waiting for ferry that got canceled. Old Port is Awesome. Damon from Atlantic Limo took great care of us. Super 8 in Westbrook is a dump - avoid if at all possible.

Ferry is slow to load. No "facilities" while you are waiting. Bring a few of your own ratchet straps. Food on the ferry is ok. Suggest you get in line early, get on boat early, and put "place holders" on recliners in bow. Then go back and tie down.

Expect to be almost last in line for customs, after unloading.

We went to Shelburne first night, to get an hour closer to Cabot. Wildwood and associated Michenzie's motel are ok. Clean and comfortable. Good value. Remember, unless in a city, food shuts down by 9pm.

Jumped almost 6 hours to Port Hawkesbury Hearthstone Inn. Not bad.

On the way, we stopped at Oak Island. A tad hard to find, heading east. NO sign. IF you get to the fire station, turn around, and a sign will lead you to the turn. Got gas in Halifax, and kept going to the Nook and Cranny Brewing Company in Truro. Great beer, good food. Boom GPS didn't even have the street, which is a main one way, with a lot of commercial businesses. Next, stopped at the Knife factory in Pictou. The ride there is nice. The factory. eh....

In Hawkesbury, ate at motel, then we went to Dooley's, a bar and pool hall. Not much else there.

In the morning, we headed for the Cabot. First stop was the Glenmore Distillery. Did not do tour. Did taste some, it's good and expensive.

Went on towards the Cabot, and with a few stops for pic's and such, got to the half-way point at the Rusty Anchor in Pleasant Bay. There is some construction up to this point. Not bad. But, from there to around the top to the Monument, the construction is as bad as my scallops at the Rusty Anchor. We did not go out to Meat Cove, having lost 2.5 hours plus at the Rusty....

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Great ride from the Monument turn, to North Sydney. I understand why some people do this section multiple times.

Stopped at the Coastal Restaurant, to get the official Cabot Trail T's. It's a family style restaurant.

We stayed at the Clansman Motel. Good spot. Reasonable value. Had two nights booked, to cover potential weather. Went thru hell trying to cancel second night with Expedia - Clansman staff helped quite a bit with getting it fixed.

Went to the now named Cabot HD. Nice people. On to Sydney, then the Mine Tour in Glace Bay. Be sure to go to the one on the water, with the mine tour. Not good for people that don't like tight spaces. But, we enjoyed it.....except for our 6'6" guy, who came out a bit dirty....

Went back to Port Hawkesbury on RT 4. Maybe not the one all might choose, but a nice ride. We needed off seat time.

Next day, we headed back towards Halifax. Via Cape George - right turn at Antigonish. Great ride. Clear signs to follow. Little traffic. Gravel road out to Cape George light can be a challenge to some. Great View !

Jumped back on the slab, and went to Priviteers Harley in Halifax. A tad hard to find, in the back of a shopping area. Big place, great selection of T's. Then off to our hotel - at rush hour- in downtown Halifax. Cambridge Suites. Good place and location. Underground garage. $20 per parking space, but they let us fit 4 bikes per space.

We had very little time, and jumped in taxi vans, and out to the Timber Lounge. Throw the Axe ! Great event. 12 of us had a ball. 1.5 hours of throwing time. Highlight of trip for most. We were the first to bring out own "targets" ! (We carry life size head shots of friends that are not on the particular trip, and facebook picture tag into our travel posts. See these pic's on walls at Broken Spoke in Sturgis, Horseshoe in Interior-Badlands, and others - now including Timber Lounge).

Halifax is awesome. Plan time to enjoy it. We were two nights, but only one day. No where near enough. I have been before.

Due to Ferry cancelations, two of our crew left a day early.

Saturday morning, with thunder storms due in afternoon, we headed back towards Yarmouth down the lighthouse trail. A lot of traffic getting into Peggy's cove. Couldn't park out on point. We road up the street a 1/2 mile, and pulled over. Good views.

Continued on to Lunenburg, thru Mahone Bay. Good Ride. Great food on waterfront. Then, with weather looming, we slab it back to Yarmouth, getting wet last 20 minutes.... Comfort Inn is well located for a cheap night. Nice place and people.

Due to ferry cancel, had another night in Yarmouth, different hotel. Hoped to ride in area, but ground fog prevented it. About noon we moved a mile to the Rodd. Another good location with nice people. Rudder is within easy walk, which we did about 3 when sun came out.

Up an at the gate for 6:30am. On ferry first, place marked our recliners, and then went back and tied down. Boat left at 8:30am, we all woke up from a slumber at 11:20am, with the announce tone about dolphins traveling along side.

Food on ferry respectable. Still, not happy about their cancelations.....

Back in Portland, customs slow to open all the lanes. Bikes don't get off right away. We were again trying to out race some rain, and were heading into Boston rush hour.

We moved along, traffic was light, and we only got "spit" on a little. Back in the garage by 5:30 pm. Rain hit at 6:15.

1725 miles. 12 guys. It's a fun group. Maybe a bit too much fun. A bit of a challenge for some of our crew. Only 7 have touring bikes. Need to shorten seat time for next year, for this crew.

Under consideration;

York PA and Battlefields
Fly - rent Pacific NW - CA redwoods and coast, or Seattle coast and mountains.
Ship bikes to Nashville - include dragon, and Skyway home.
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