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Wheel Tire Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive lighting

Tire Plant Wheel Sky Fuel tank

Tire Wheel Plant Window Automotive lighting

'19 RG "nothing" Special bought it new in July 19 w 2 miles on it. Currently it has 4900. I have more than 1 bike....
Top 2 pics are as it sits, bottom pic has factory headpipe and air cleaner and mustang day tripper seat
10" meat hooks with blu-lense mirrors,
Battistini "Swiss-Cheese" grips (blacked out edge cut extremely hard to find)
Clock works 6" windscreen (for looks)
Danny Gray WeekdayXL seat
A lot of edge cut accessories
Custom Dynamics lighting all over

Stage 1 upgrades:
Powervision (FuelMoto)
Arlen Ness Big Sucker with Edge Cut cover
Cobra True Duals with 909s (plan to change to a FM 2-1 pipe soon)

That's about it for now. Got big plans for paint scheme and some more performance, but I gotta keep dreamin for now.
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