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Tire Wheel Fuel tank Land vehicle Vehicle

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive tail & brake light Automotive fuel system
Automotive lighting Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle Tire

Been on here since 2011 so i figured why not enter seeing how I dont have to host the pictures elsewhere.

2009 FLTRSE3 last of the hand builts in Electric Orange, 47,000 miles on it and I bought it with 28,000 on it and I'm the second owner. 19,000 put on it by me due to health issue's which I'm not going to get into.
What I like best about this year RG is the Electric Orange paint and of course all the upgrades I have done to it since purchased. Since it first came out in 2009 it was the one that became my Dream Bike. Took me till 2015 to find one that was in Jax and was for sale.

Vance & Hines Power Duals Chrome
Vance & Hines Hi Output SlipOns
PowerVision Target Tune & Wideband 02 Sensors
Dragos 580 CAM
UltraCool 2.0 Oil Cooler
Softbrake Extended Brake Pedal and Floorboard Extenders
Softbrake Extended Shift Levers
Madstad Windshield System with 2 Shields
Hell's Foundry Adjustable Fairing Mount for 1998-2013 FLTR Road Glide (or your custom application Road Glide fairing adoption). Solid steel, fully articulating forward, up/down and fairing angle adjustment. +0 to +2"
Progressive Monotubes Front
Ohlin Shocks Rear
Road Zeppelin Seat (with compressor)
L.A. Choppers 16" Twin Peaks Bars
HD Split Vision Mirrors
HD Chopped Tour Pack Electric Orange same as bike
Daymaker Lights
Dakota DigitalGauges (Red)
Kenwood BT515HD Head unit
Hawg Wired RG5252 Steel Mesh speaker grills
Hawg Wired AR65 5.25 to 6.5” speaker adapters
1000 watt 4-channel amp
Hybrid Audio Technologies Imagine Series 6.5” speakers in upper & lowers
Iron Aces Mount
Joe Florida LED's with brake mode, which enables the option for the lights to turn bright red when the brake is applied on the motorcycle. When the brake is released, the lights will go back to doing whatever they were doing prior to the brake being applied.

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@direwolf You're one vote up on me ! but I could fix that by unliking yours unless of course you're one of the "7 other" that have liked mine! :devilish::devilish::LOL::coffee::coffee::ROFLMAO: that fair? Fair or not I can't do it because it would be a "BIG FAT LIE" :oops::coffee::cool: The like stays !!!!!! May the best bike win!
Not only did I vote for your bike, hell I voted for every bike up there, even the bender’s as their all good looking Scooters

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