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now have amp and ready to install

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Ok i have bought myself a Calrion amp. seems somewhat simple. Wires are speaker in and speakers out. @ more wires that go to battery and ground. One last wire that I think is for switched power. I assume i have to find a wire that only has power when the bike is on. does this make sense? Thinking about tieing into the 12v ass. would that work. The amp also has RCA plugs but from what I can tell that is just another way to install the amp without using the switched power wire. does this sound like I am on the right track ?
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Great Ty, so you are saying to run the ground to the battery as well? Just want to be clear.
Some run the ground to the battery. I did what others have done and ground is closer to the amp. Mine is on the frame near the engine guard. I just removed the paint for a good ground.
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